Friday, January 27, 2012

You Saved Me

 You Saved Me  1/27/12

(Inspired by Ezekiel 16:4-9)

Born into the world,
Left dieing in my blood.
That was me.
Then You passed by,
And saw me crying there.
I didn't know that I needed help.
You said, “Live!”

You took me as I was,
Bound inside my sins,
Full of guilt,
And said,
“You are Mine.”

You spilled Your blood
As the price to redeem me.
And after You washed me
You promised to never
Leave me alone.

You taught me
How to walk.
I fell, stumbling,
But You caught me
In loving arms
And helped me
Try again.

You taught me
How to dream.
I build lofty fantasies that left You,
At the edge of the picture.
But You took them away,
And guided me where You
Meant for me to go.
Many days I fought You,
Forgetting what I was
Before You saved me.
In love
You reminded me what
I used to be.
In tears
I returned again
Only to stubbornly forget,
And try to walk where I thought was best.

You taught me
How to surrender.
When my world seemed to
Crash around me
There You were,
Patiently waiting.
My fears,
And questions
Drove me closer to You.

Here I am now
Remembering what I was.
I'm still seeking You,
Praying that You will make Yourself
Real in me.
I'm only a broken vessel,
Lopsided clay,
A wide eyed child entranced by whatever catches my fancy.
That's what I am.
Yet Your grace saved me
When I was nothing,
And any good thing that is seen in me,
Is a refection of You living inside of me.

I know I'll stumble again
Forgetting Your promises and
Then asking why my world is falling.
I know You'll test me,
By turning me upside down
So I'll lean on You more.
I know I'll never stop growing
Or learning in this life.
Anywhere You take me
Will be ultimately
For Your glory.
By Your
Grace and
I'll follow.

So please,
Let's go walking,
Or running,
Or flying,
Or dancing,
Or maybe
We'll just stay
Still. . .
Whatever Your plans are,
I'm as ready
As I'll ever be.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

*I own none of the pictures.

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