Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Is Much More

 Life Is Much More

Life is much more than the hurt that I bring,
Life is the laughter, the tears that we sing.
And then,
I praise.

Life is much more than the blackened dark skies,
Life is the lightening that reveals those lies.
I 'll ever face,
The day.

Life is much more than 'I don't know yet why,
How I am questioning all of the time',
Yet I know,
Your Name.

The healer of nations, and blessed God King,
Came to be killed and to surrendering bring,
A blessed
New way.

I don't know the reason I'm writing this down,
The cries I am bringing I usually drown,
In the quiet,

Oh blessed Redeemer and holy God man,
Hold me still fast, 'cause I know that I can't,
Stand on
My way.

I may never know why You are doing these things,
Please take my life, bless me with wings,
To fly in,
Your grace.

Here it feels different to talk to You now,
And yet at home I yet can still bow,
Believing what,
You say.

Help me to reach, and not be afraid,
You've heard all my pleadings I've tried to pray,
Don't let me walk,

I want to be holy and never let go,
Yet I'm afraid of the pain as I grow,
But You hold my life,

So I am trusting, help me give it all,
You are trustworthy and won't let me fall,
Farther than,
Your hands.

I asked you to shake my whole world upside down,
Last time I was here, and I cried till I found,
The peace in
This place.

But this small world isn't meant to be mine,
Not for forever, nor all of the time,
I need to face,
My world.

'Cause I hold the big dreams so tight in my fist,
But You can turn me around in a twist,
I give life back,
To You.

It's like I can't stop writing what I can say,
It's like a prayer; a cry I will pray,
Lord hold me near,
To You.

I don't want to forget all the things I learn here,
Yet they get lost when I'm trapped in my fears,
So I'll stop and pray,
To You.

I'll never learn what it's like to be free,
Until I surrender my everything,
I give my heart,
To You.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

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