Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Words Of My World

The Words Of My World 1/17/12

My world speaks a confused craze,
Contradictory in its ways.
Saying one thing must be true,
But still blundering on through.

“You are special and unique,
And your future isn't bleak.
But you're completely made by chance,
All your life is circumstance.”

“Work hard and do your best.
You are important to the rest.
But when you die, that's it for you.
Who will remember what you do?”

“There are morals as a guide;
The nagging feelings deep inside.
But majority shall rule the day.
If there's a God, He has no say.”

“We are tolerant of all belief,
Not all backward; a relief.
But keep what you trust within.
The line you tread is very thin.”

“It is a crime to kill,
A horrible thing to do, but still,
Of course, you have free choice.
It's not a child without a voice.”

These are the things they teach,
Their blindness I cannot breach.
I know You ever call,
Someday You'll bring the predestined all.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

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