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Releasing The Treasure

Releasing The Treasure 10/18/11

Jeremiah 29:11

I hold my treasure clasped in my hands. Oh, how beautiful it is in my eyes.
I carry it close, so as not to lose it. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if it was not there, but that is a silly fear. This is my treasure.
I will never let it go.

A voice. It is The Voice; the One who loves me. The giver of my treasure!
Yes Lord?” I hold up my clasped hands with childish delight. “Look! See? I have what You have given me! I-”

Child, I have something else to give you.”
The Voice speaks to me with kindness.

Another gift? Is it like the last one You gave me?”
Delight fills me. His gifts are good.
My hand reaches out for what He offers, but my treasure gets in the way.
Lord, I can not take what You offer. My hands are too full.”

Let it go.”
The Voice commands.

My delight fades. Surely, surely He could not mean that! How can I let go of my treasure?
He gave it to me a while ago, and I have loved it. Surely, He will not take it from me.
Lord. . . I'm not sure I understand.”

You have used what I gave you to its fullest. You have done what I asked, but look, your treasure is no longer full. See,
here I have a new gift for you to use; only surrender the first gift.” 
The Voice answers.

My hands tighten. Empty? My treasure is not empty! True, it does not fill me as it once did, but
I am content to stay where I am.
Have I not moved far in His Kingdom?
What could be better than the safe place I am?
No. No, but thank You for the offer. I shall stay here.”

It was not an offer.”
The Voice is firm.

Rebellion flares. My hands tighten to a fist. Anger and fear fill me.
I will not let You take it! You gave it to me! It is mine!”

No. I shall not take it from you, but it will not bring you the joy it once did.”
The Voice is sad.

My treasure begins to fade. I try to wield it as I once did, to bring joy to others around me.
It still works!
But not like it once did.
I don't feel the wonder I use to.
Lord, why are You doing this to me? Why do I help, but feel no joy?”

Because you are not in My Will.”
The Voice is gentle.

I stop. Not in His Will? No! I always follow! I care for others! I share His love!
How am I not in His Will?
Lord, isn't Your Will to make me happy?”

My Will is to bring Myself the most glory. Sometimes you are happy on the way. Sometimes you are not.”
The Voice is powerful.

Still I look at my treasure. It is worn at the edges. Truly, it isn't as full as it once was.
But why must I give it up?
Lord, why can't I bring You glory where I am now?”

You do bring me glory, but you can bring Me more.”
The Voice is calling.

My hands are so tight. My gift is even now losing its power. I feel out of control and strangely alone.
I start to sob.
Why Lord? Why?”

Because I love you. Give it back to me, my child. I only want to give you the best.”
The Voice is filled with pain.

I can not hold it any longer. Everything is falling apart around me. I want things to go back to the way they were.
But that doesn't seem to be an option.
I let my treasure go.

Well done my child. You did better than last time.”
The Voice is proud.

I look at this new gift. I laugh at my stubbornness as I see what I use to hold.
Yes, this is much better!
It calls me to go forward, but peace fills me to follow.
I have one more question.
Lord, what do You mean by 'last time'?”

Child, last time I gave you a gift, you did the same thing. You were certain that you knew best, and for a time you would not take what I wanted to give. ”
The Voice is flowing with patience.

I turn to go again, but The Voice has something more to say.
To fully receive My best, you must surrender everything.”
The Voice is filled with love.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

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