Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whatever Calls Inside You

Whatever Calls Inside You 

Take the pain and make it music,
Take the tears and make it song;
Write the colors of the rainbow
Into worlds where we belong.

Take your fears and fill the canvas,
Take your doubts and fill the page;
Write your worries down upon it
As it ripples from each stage.

Take the ache and make it stories,
Take the hurt and make it light;
Write the things you can't remember,
Though they haunt you every night.

Take your cries and fill the darkness,
Take your dread and fill the miles;
Write the words beneath the surface
Of our weariness and trials.

Take the dark and make it shudder,
Take the black and make it real;
Write the hope that keeps you going
Through the terrors that you feel.

Take your past and fill the future,
Take your steps and fill the road;
Write to show the path you're walking -
Where you've been to lift that load.

Take the noise and make it silence,
Take the bound and make it free;
Write the heart behind your smiles
Where you're hiding broken pleas.

Take your loss and fill the empty,
Take your grief and fill the void;
Write in sorrow steeped with truthful
Not as something to avoid.

Take the year and make it moments,
Take the day and make it flow;
Write whatever calls inside you
With a story most don't know.

Take your dreams and fill the oceans,
Take your hopes and fill the skies;
Write to tell the world of morrows
Where they need not feed the lies.

Take the joy and make it color,
Take the hope and make it sing;
Write the life that finds belonging
In the words that others bring.

Take your life and fill the weary,
Take your faith and fill the weak;
Write the grace that God has given
And the truth we long to seek.


Copyright © 2014 Ophelia M. Flowers