The Purpose Of This Blog


       If you get to know me, you soon realize something . . . Writing is my passion. I love to write, dream, and play with words. My desire to give glory to God through my writing goes deep. Since He has given me this gift, I expect He wants me to use it. That used to... scare me, but it doesn't so much any more.

     Here's the thing about writing - writing can be an amazing way to present Truth and emotions. Sometimes my writing is full of joy and laughter, other times it's full of pain and tears. Many of my poems are colored through with reminders of God's steadfastness, even when things are hard, or the joyful light when I'm shown again how much God cares. When people tell me - "this is just how I'm feeling", I am especially reminded how God can bless my little ability to create, to show others that they aren't alone.

     This is a blog to share my poetry on, in all of its messiness, imperfections, and ponderings. (Though there are a few short stories and random posts from before I made my second blog.)

   I hope you enjoy reading. :)


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