Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Hundred Different Places

Sometimes I feel like my heart lives in a hundred different places...

Friendships grow in seasons.
Waves of laughter and shared trials
Weave us deeply in these times.
A balance of the light and the darkness
As we learn to go in grace.

We walk down paths together,
For we aren't meant to be alone.
But see,
Even these well worn paths have different trails -
Some of us are called down those
That take us far from the place we were.
Some climb the mountains,
Others, the valley depths -
Some wade through puddles,
While others swim through the oceans -
But none of it is meant to be traveled alone.

That's why I'm so glad to have you.

Sometimes I feel like my heart lives in a hundred different places,
Because you're not always by my side.
We walk together for a time
But there's always new horizons, and sometimes,
You go different ways from me.

As we travel down these roads of life, we come together
And sometimes part -
But I know we're all headed to the same Kingdom,
And we'll meet again there. 
There -
Where all the dust and grime will be washed from our feet,
And we'll find our true Rest.

So though my heart lives with so many now,
In hundreds of different places -
Someday we will all dance on the same shoreline
And we'll forever be with the Creator
Who set us into motion
Out of Love.

It's a peaceful thought.


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morning Joys


June 1st I woke up with, “Colors of The Wind” stuck in my head, and these are the lyrics that came about because of it.

     Below is also a recording of me singing it. :D


There's a story that's inside me, though it falters,
I tried to learn to sing it, though I fell -
But Yours has filled me, and it has conquered,
And I feel, as it fills me, as it swells.

And I am ready now to follow with You,
To dance along the shoreline and be free -
For I know that You hear, and see and love me - 
And You're always, You're always here with me.

Do you ever really wonder what it means to rise,
To stand amid the silence and just know, 
That wherever He is leading it is perfect,
Wherever He is going, I will go.

For the waves will crash around me, and I may then fear,
But He is my assurance, and my stay -
And I never need to fear my life's journey
For He knows the steps to lead me on His way.
Yes He knows the steps to lead me on. His. Way.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Light's Edges

This video inspired the emotion of this writing... Listening to their stories feels like.... watching someone dragging their fears from the dark and into the shadows. It's not labeled as theirs, but it's on the edge of the light - and that at least is a step in the right direction...

Light's Edges

There are shadows
Pieces of your past...
And you don't know how to let them go.

Do not be afraid -
There is One who has seen your darkness and sings for you to come.

Drag your darkness into the shadows.
He will bear the load, should you let Him.
Press your fears to the very edge of the Light...
Now hold it there.
Push it a little closer to the warmth.
Fight the desire to flee again to the blackness.
Let your fears begin to melt in the Light.
Slowly -
Press your darkness into the warmth so it can be seen.
Let Him pry your fingers from their trembling hold
And let it go.
Relax as the Light spills over you.

Now rest, for His Dawn is upon you.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good Friday

This poem was inspired by Mirriam Neal's words last night:

Good Friday 

In that moment, I would not have called that day, “Good”.
Soul wrenching.
Gruesomely unjust...
But not “Good”.

No... Not “Good.”
As His mother sobbed
As her precious son was hung to die -
As the women wept
And others watched in silence -
As He hung there, bloodied and beaten,
And some in the crowd mocked Him...
Ah... No.
I could see no good in that day.

For in those moments all I saw
Was loss,
All I could see was the man who'd healed the sick,
Loved the outcasts
And brought us hope,
Gasping for breath, crying out for a drink,
And slowly dying.
All I saw was misery.

Looking back now -
Knowing what I know of the empty tomb,
The joyful reunions,
The Risen Savior -
I can truly call it, “Good”.

But isn't it so much more than that?

It was more than “Good”.
It was Holy.
Holy in an earth-shaking,
Temple-curtain-rending way.
Holy in an awe filling,
Heart-aching way.
Holy in a life-changing,
Death defying way.

Holy -
As the Father turned His back on His Son -
And for the first time in eternity They were separated.
As He cried out, “My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?”
As the angels stood and watched the God of Heaven
As He cried out, “It is finished!” and died.
Oh so Good... Oh so Holy.

Friday is called
“Good”, because Justice met with Mercy
And was satisfied...
My debt was paid in blood...
It is because of Grace that I quietly acknowledge,
Today is more than merely a “Good Friday”.
Today is the day my filth was wrapped in a strong embrace -
Today is the day He named me His child, set apart from eternity.
He exchanged my rags for a robe,
And my freedom was won for me...
So yes,
Oh yes -
I can say today is blessedly Good –
And so much more than that.
Today is the day He gave me His Life
So I could Live.
It is Good.

~Ophelia - Marie Flowers

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dance with Me

In the darkness, Jesus is there... and He wants us to trust Him enough to keep dancing, even when we can't see. He never changes. He never lets go. He loves us perfectly... Keep looking up to Him, little child.

 Dance with Me

Wait in the emptiness with quiet expectation,
For though the night presses in around you
With a silence that seems unbearable
The stars are there
If you will only look up.
Do you hear the gentle voice of the Father?

“Be still.
Be still, dear child.
I am beside you.
Here – grasp My hand.
Here I am.
Tighten your grip in the darkness;
Come dance with Me.
Let Me lead you through the steps -
Move in time with Me.
Dance to the beat of My loving heart.
I have wrapped My arms around you -

Now let us dance to the dawn.”