Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Hundred Different Places

Sometimes I feel like my heart lives in a hundred different places...

Friendships grow in seasons.
Waves of laughter and shared trials
Weave us deeply in these times.
A balance of the light and the darkness
As we learn to go in grace.

We walk down paths together,
For we aren't meant to be alone.
But see,
Even these well worn paths have different trails -
Some of us are called down those
That take us far from the place we were.
Some climb the mountains,
Others, the valley depths -
Some wade through puddles,
While others swim through the oceans -
But none of it is meant to be traveled alone.

That's why I'm so glad to have you.

Sometimes I feel like my heart lives in a hundred different places,
Because you're not always by my side.
We walk together for a time
But there's always new horizons, and sometimes,
You go different ways from me.

As we travel down these roads of life, we come together
And sometimes part -
But I know we're all headed to the same Kingdom,
And we'll meet again there. 
There -
Where all the dust and grime will be washed from our feet,
And we'll find our true Rest.

So though my heart lives with so many now,
In hundreds of different places -
Someday we will all dance on the same shoreline
And we'll forever be with the Creator
Who set us into motion
Out of Love.

It's a peaceful thought.