Friday, July 11, 2014

I've Got Music

I was looking back through my Twitter  last night and found three verses that caught my eye. After a little thought, I came up with two more verses, and so this poem is completed. :)

I've Got Music 

I've got music in my heart-
Pounds out deeply,
Quivers, starts.
Oh, the words just fall apart

I've got music in my mind-
Trembles weakly,
First-steps, blind.
Oh, the notes we leave behind

I've got music in my soul-
Whispers sweetly,
Heartfelt, whole.
Oh, I feel I've found my goal

I've got music in my chest-
Colors steeply,
Never rests.
Oh, I've finally passed the test
I've got music in my voice-
Echoes meekly,
Quiet, choice.
Oh, the reasons we rejoice


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking For Life

Looking For Life 

Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Looking for power in the atmosphere.
Searching for dreams in smiling faces -
Looking away from the painful tears.

Looking for joy to fill up those spaces.
Looking for peace in a raging tide.
Trusting the crowd in all of the races,
Feeling thrills of the crazy ride.

Looking for luck in all of my aces.
Looking for life in the things I'd do.
Thinking strength lay in a stasis
I could find, if I only knew.

Looking for God in all of these cases.
Looking for hope though I was bound.
Thinking He was in the cracked vases,
Trampled small on the cold, black ground.

Looking for good in all of these cases.
Looking for truth in the things we said.
I had failed to cover my bases -
God reached in while I was dead.

Given hope in all the right places.
Give love that can cast out fear.
God showed me the ties of life's laces,
Drawing me so that I could hear.

Given light in all of these graces.
Given peace in the midst of trial.
Now I walk through life's paces,
God stands with me through ever mile.

Given grace on a daily basis.
Given joy that I could not buy.
God reached down in one of my chases,
Showed great love, deep enough to die.


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