Saturday, January 14, 2012

In My Day

       This is a song I wrote one day when I was tired and obviously frustrated.  It turned out nicely, and helped me think in perspective.

 In My Day 5/20/11

Another day walking, it through,
Another day; the things that I do,
I'm wishing to get away,
Looking for a different way-
I've waited and now I say,

“Take me away from here!
I'm tired of the chaos and tears!”
I say, “Take me away,
 I'm tired of this endless pace-
Oh God, please take me away from here."

But You say, “Look at the people around you-
This is a way for you to reach out. look at your heart,
The way I made you, this to help you grow, this is to help you grow."

And so I try, to give and reach too,
And so I try, even when the day's blue,
 I'm wishing to give it all,
Part of me is afraid to fall,
I'm trusting and now I say,

“Help me to live in here!
Squash my little doubts and fears!”
I say, “Help me to pray, I'm ready to go Your way-
Oh God, please help me to drop my fears."

And You say, “Child I always hear you,
This is a way for you to trust more-,
Look at your life, the things I gave you,
In love I help you grow, In love I help you grow."


And so I look, at my life now,
And every day, I'm learning how,
And God will hold me here, it doesn't matter 'bout my fears-
He'll get me through the day,

“Jesus, I know You're here!
Grab my heart and hold me near!”
I say, “I need you now, please teach and show me how.
Oh God, please help me to know You're near.
Please help me to know, You're near."


(Song are poetry with music.)

Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

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