Thursday, August 29, 2013

Loved Though Fallen

Loved Though Fallen 

Bound by choices, held in lies.
Laughing, singing, to drown my cries
That echo in the dark.

Down in a crevice, deep in the vice.
Struggling, reaching, falling down twice
And then again and again.

Spinning in circles, knife in my chest.
Wondering, hurting, but smiling - lest
They see my pain.

Blood on hands, dark running deep.
Walking, acting, pretending to sleep
So they won't ask questions.

Dancing the steps, much too slow.
Stumbling, halting, afraid to go
But it's too late to stop.

Shaking in fear, nothing to say.
Sobbing, trembling, forgetting to pray -
Or rather, too ashamed to.

Known by the Father, loves me the same.
Holding, loving, calling by name
And healing my brokenness.

Binding my wounds, whispers of grace.
Healing, refining, there's love in His face
Though He knows I fell.

Setting me down, taking my hand.
Guiding, reminding, it's with Him I stand
For He died to make me new.


Copyright © 2013 Ophelia M. Flowers