Monday, December 22, 2014

Get Ready For Mercy

Inspired by my dad's words during preaching, "Get ready for Mercy."

Get Ready For Mercy

The angels dance in the sky,
Their pure delight and adoration
Pouring through the night's once stillness.
Oh shepherds, do you hear it?
Watch what no man has ever seen
As the angelic choir sings the news of the Messiah.
Tremble with awe,
Kneeling on the dew-wet ground -
All around you they cry,
Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace to men
On whom His favor rests.
Glory, glory, glory -
God has tabernacled among us.
He has come,
He is here...
Get ready for Mercy.

There in the spotlight
As everything else fades -
The signs,
The symbols,
The sacrifices we made -
They all pointed to His coming.
As you gather your lambs
And run to find the Christ child,
Do you feel it?
There is hope.
And then
There He is:
The source of Light
We'd only seen in shadows -
The one we've been waiting for.
There He is...
A child,
Bundled in rags,
Lying in a feed trough
On this cold night...
There He is -
Oh, get ready for Mercy.

You watch Him now
Still almost surprised -
Oh, and filled with such wonder.
The littlest of your flock clambers close,
Peering at the sleeping child,
Then looking back at you as if to say,
This is all the fuss?”
He looks so unassuming -
Not a conquering hero
Ready to bring deliverance.
His parents aren't well born,
Nor do they seem even ready
To welcome a child into this world.
We were expecting
Someone high in power
And yet
There He is,
Without strength, a tiny babe,
Here to bring us Salvation.
In that moment you see it -
He is the picture of God's great Mercy.

They said God is not like us
To walk among us
And understand our weakness
And yet
There He is
In a form no one would have expected.
You are the first to greet Him...
In a way, it seems almost fitting
That shepherds would be the first to welcome
This perfect little lamb.
A lamb,
Born to live our sorrows,
To tread the dusty roads beside us
And live in human flesh.
He will walk this earth in perfection,
And honor His Father without wavering
So that we might be given

Oh shepherds, you were not fully aware that night
Of what you saw,
Only that it was more wonderful
Than you ever could have imagined....
He was closer
Than you ever would have dreamed.
Mercy came close enough to touch...
Ah, get ready for this Mercy -
His name is Jesus;
He is going to change the world.

The Night Before Christmas - Brandon Heath


Friday, November 21, 2014

In Your Ocean

o.O It's been awhile since I've posted... Here's the most recent poem I've written. :)

*Quiet hum* These words came during a time of blessing in Worship with friends. 

In Your Ocean 

If Your love is an ocean -
Lord, drown me.
Drown me in delight,
Knock me over,
Drag me under -
Don't let me keep my footing
In my own strength -
Toss me,
Tumble me,
In Your wild waters
Until my concern to understand
Is overwhelmed
By Your presence.

Fill my lungs up with Your praises,
Until I can't breathe
Without You
Pouring from my heart -
Until Your Joy
Ripples to those in my life...

If Your love is an ocean -
Teach me to dive for the bottom
And be absorbed in the depths
Of Your glorious,

If Your love is an ocean -
I never want to come up for air,
For You are enough for me -
Truly alive in Your waves,


Monday, September 15, 2014

Please Tell Me So - Song/Poem

I wrote this the other day while cleaning. (I was alone in the house, which tends to inspire loud singing. ;) ) 

If you'd like to hear the tune, the link is at the bottom of the post. 

Please Tell Me So

There's a story that I wish you'd tell,
You think you're hiding, but I know you fell -
But my love for you will never sell,
The pain you hide below.

So raise your head up from the undertow 
Raise your hands and just let go -
I know you wish that you could tell me so,
Oh please, my dear, let go! 

I see you suffer with a silent cry,
You never tell me and I don't know why,
You say it's okay, but that is a lie -
I wish you'd let me know.

So raise your head up from the undertow 
Raise your hands and just let go -
I know you wish that you could tell me so,
Oh please, my dear, let go! 

There are memories still backed by tears,
You are drowning in a thousand fears,
But I have stood by you through all these years,
And I won't let you go!

So raise your head up from the undertow 
Raise your hands and just let go -
I know you wish that you could tell me so,
Oh please, my dear, let go! 

And then you tell me of a weary fight,
Of a blackness that has stole your light,
So I hold you on this weary night -
My friend, I won't let go.

I'll hold your head up from the undertow,
I'll stand beside you and take each blow,
God will be with us, I trust, I know,
My friend, I love you so. 

~Ophelia - Marie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Help Needed


               Hey - readers of my blog! Poetry people! Anybody reading this -

                I am starting the process to self publish again, hopefully within the next several months. This will be a book of all my poems about friendship, from when I started at about 15, to my present age of 19. I have about 70 poems with 16,421 words total at the moment.  Eighteen of them have been previously published in my other two books, but because I want to do a full friendship poetry compilation, they will be republished. 

         Would you consider reading a few poems (*even just one or two*), and giving me your opinion? (Harsh critique is welcome - I'm well aware I have a lot to learn.) I'm especially looking for any confusing vagueness, grammar errors and punctuation mistakes, as well as any comments on meter, flow, and word choices.  Every extra set of eyes is a help, no matter how much you actually have time to read.

Anyone who helps will be given extra entries to the giveaways I will be doing to promote my book. (Signed books by me, clay critters, etc.)

And you'll have my forever gratitude, but yeah, that's a given....

If you would be interested in helping me out, please let me know. :) *Points to my 'Contact Me' tab at the top of the page* Please email me.

*Deadline is October 10th for you to send critique back to me*

~Ophelia - Marie 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Please Don't Judge The Outside

A dear friend of mine posted this on FB:

"Please don't judge people by outward appearances.
The most popular person I knew was the loneliest.
The most jovial person I ever encountered was severely depressed.
The people who I though had it all together were often hurting the worst.
I've been thought arrogant when I was my most insecure.
I've heard people say I was full of energy when I was my most exhausted.
Truly, each heart knows it's own sorrow. You just never know what someone has been through, until you really, intimately get to know them." 

Here is the poem, inspired by her words.

Please Don't Judge The Outside 

It's been a day of weariness -
Expectations take their toll,
As I am told I'm wonderful,
When I feel less than whole.

You say that I am popular -
Oh look how I am loved!
Yet here I am the loneliest,
With dark emotions shoved.

You say that I am respectable -
An example to the young.
But I am fighting battles
That you know nothing of.

You say I flow with tenderness -
There's such love in my stance.
But I keep pulling back away,
At every painful chance.

You say I have found joyfulness -
With smiles on my face.
But there is pain behind my eyes,
With none to fill that space.

You say I show togetherness -
Life looks so figured out!
But I am warring with my past
And cringing in my doubt.

You say I'm almost arrogant -
My words seem backed by pride.
But really I am insecure
And close myself inside.

You say there's boundless energy -
But that is not a fact.
For I am tired of this pace,
And weary of this act.

You speak of really knowing me -
And yet you never do.
You think I'm perfect at arm's length,
But I am broken too.

You speak still, almost glowingly,
Of all you see in me.
And yet I wish I trusted you,

To look and truly see.


Friday, July 11, 2014

I've Got Music

I was looking back through my Twitter  last night and found three verses that caught my eye. After a little thought, I came up with two more verses, and so this poem is completed. :)

I've Got Music 

I've got music in my heart-
Pounds out deeply,
Quivers, starts.
Oh, the words just fall apart

I've got music in my mind-
Trembles weakly,
First-steps, blind.
Oh, the notes we leave behind

I've got music in my soul-
Whispers sweetly,
Heartfelt, whole.
Oh, I feel I've found my goal

I've got music in my chest-
Colors steeply,
Never rests.
Oh, I've finally passed the test
I've got music in my voice-
Echoes meekly,
Quiet, choice.
Oh, the reasons we rejoice


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking For Life

Looking For Life 

Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Looking for power in the atmosphere.
Searching for dreams in smiling faces -
Looking away from the painful tears.

Looking for joy to fill up those spaces.
Looking for peace in a raging tide.
Trusting the crowd in all of the races,
Feeling thrills of the crazy ride.

Looking for luck in all of my aces.
Looking for life in the things I'd do.
Thinking strength lay in a stasis
I could find, if I only knew.

Looking for God in all of these cases.
Looking for hope though I was bound.
Thinking He was in the cracked vases,
Trampled small on the cold, black ground.

Looking for good in all of these cases.
Looking for truth in the things we said.
I had failed to cover my bases -
God reached in while I was dead.

Given hope in all the right places.
Give love that can cast out fear.
God showed me the ties of life's laces,
Drawing me so that I could hear.

Given light in all of these graces.
Given peace in the midst of trial.
Now I walk through life's paces,
God stands with me through ever mile.

Given grace on a daily basis.
Given joy that I could not buy.
God reached down in one of my chases,
Showed great love, deep enough to die.


This song fits...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

To My Internet Friends

Well, I wrote this poem a few years ago, but I decided to share it here since it's fun to have a matching theme on both my blogs.

The theme being: 

 To My Holy Worlds Friends

I never could have imagined
How much I could love you,
I never would have thought
That a love like this could form,
Or that I would so fiercely defend you,
Pray for you,
Cry for you,
And rejoice with you.
I never could have imagined it.
Especially since. . .
This love formed without me ever seeing you face to face.

In the beginning
I never considered
How much you could make me hurt-
How often I would cry for you. . .
I never considered
How hard you could make me laugh-
How often I would gasp for breath at your words. . .
I never considered
How blessed you could make me feel-
How often I would close my eyes and praise God for your friendship. . .
I never thought through the implications
Of how knowing you would change me.

When I hear your happiness
I can't help but rejoice.
When you share a triumph
I'm ready to share it with the world.
You're my friend,
It doesn't really matter that you're thousands of miles away-
Except when I want to take you by the hands
And spin around with excitement.

When I hear your pain
My heart breaks in two.
When you ask me to listen
I cry to God to give me something to say.
You're my friend,
It doesn't really matter that you're thousands of miles way.
Except when I want to wrap my arms around you
And hug your hurts away.

There are ways I'll never be the same
Because you touched my life.
Thank you.
Thank you for
Trusting me with your heartaches and questions,
Blessing me with your contagious excitement,
Reminding me to trust in God's promises,
Being there to pray and listen,
And taking the time to be a true friend.

I never could have imagined
How much I could love you,
Friend. . .
And I think I'm only truly beginning to understand
What that kind of love means.


Thursday, May 8, 2014


This post, "Outcasts" by Sorrowseyes and a talk with a friend were what brought me to write this poem. To tell you the truth, that blog post hurts... it's very... Real. Honest. Powerful. And in the end, it is summed up with important Truth.

          "And to my fellow outcasts, please come. My Abba is there, my Abba is here. I can only reflect Him, for He is too glorious for me to be but His humble servant. You precious soul, you jewel of the sea, and shining rainbow of the skies. Oh how you are loved. I will not say the things that will only hurt you more, for they have been spoken to me. But maybe you can find comfort in but a few words of mine: you are not alone. I am an outcast too. I hope that every day smiles with flowers for you, that the wind sings a joyful song for you, and that the trees dance before your very eyes. I know your agony is torturous, I know you wonder if you will ever be happy again, I know you wonder if you can stop crying. Oh, how I know your pain. My Abba never rejected me for the color of my eyes. Or the way I dressed, or how much I screamed in agony and asked Him why. He never rejected anyone because they had piercings, and tattoos, if they barely wore anything or if you could barely see their face. He does not refuse those who cannot walk, or speak, or see, or who cannot understand all of these things. He does not judge on how long or short your hair is, or if you wear make up or not, if you get up at noon and do exactly as you are told. If He does not, then neither can I, my friend. Neither, can I.
You are not alone. 
And if you are reading this and have this struggle... Know that I've prayed for you.
This post isn't an accident or a chance.
I'm here to remind you there is someone who cares -
More importantly, God cares. 
Don't give up hope.


Ah, friend,
You'd never know, looking at me
How broken I am.
I'm a sliver of glass
Shattered from a mirror.
I reflect what you expect me to be.
I smile now
But tonight I'll scream into my hands,
Silently begging
The pain to go away.
Silently pleading
With God
To ease my sorrow
Or take me Home.
Home with Him
Away from this pain.
Inward pain.
Outward pain.
The pain in my heart
And the pain I bring myself.
For now
I press it all down deep
And tell myself
Everything is really just...
I'm fine.
I'm really just fine.
But the darkness presses at my mind
And all my thoughts find focus
In a longing
To dull my pain.
I can dull the pain
With moment of causing more...

You smile at me
Never even guessing
How the wounds in my soul
Are leaking to stain my skin...
My broken skin...
You'd never guess
How often the longing overtakes me
And I'm left to deal with deadening ache
As I break myself
It started out small
But I found too late
That I'd fed a growing monster.
Now it claws my heart to shreds
As I do what I don't want,
Yet find myself needing to continue,
For fear of
The pressure constricting my mind.

Fear keeps me
From seeking you out
To help me.
And shame.
I hate myself.
Hate the things I do.
Hate what I see when I see myself...
Wondering for the thousandth time
How far would our friendship stand
If you knew.
Please, I need to know...
Would you love me still,
Even if you knew the truth?
That thought mocks me
A thousand different ways
As I hide.

I long for you to reach me,
Hold me close,
And stay
Even when I try to push you back
By telling you I'm fine.
If you could see
The truth
Would you stay with me?
I need you to know
I'm not okay
But that doesn't mean
I'm beyond hope.
My skin is broken -
So is my heart -
But I am still clinging to God
And begging Him to send me
To love me
Beyond my weakness.
Can I trust you?
Can I trust you to see
Behind the scars
And to my troubled heart?
If you saw my struggles
Would you...
Still see me?
Don't leave me