Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morning Joys


June 1st I woke up with, “Colors of The Wind” stuck in my head, and these are the lyrics that came about because of it.

     Below is also a recording of me singing it. :D


There's a story that's inside me, though it falters,
I tried to learn to sing it, though I fell -
But Yours has filled me, and it has conquered,
And I feel, as it fills me, as it swells.

And I am ready now to follow with You,
To dance along the shoreline and be free -
For I know that You hear, and see and love me - 
And You're always, You're always here with me.

Do you ever really wonder what it means to rise,
To stand amid the silence and just know, 
That wherever He is leading it is perfect,
Wherever He is going, I will go.

For the waves will crash around me, and I may then fear,
But He is my assurance, and my stay -
And I never need to fear my life's journey
For He knows the steps to lead me on His way.
Yes He knows the steps to lead me on. His. Way.