Saturday, July 21, 2012

A New Start

 A New Start 7/20/12

I was lost.
I was so alone.
No one there-
It was all I'd known.

I found a purpose.
I would be the best.
Giving all I had-
Be ahead of the rest.

I fought to be more,
I strove to gain.
As if I tried,
I could drown my pain.

I reached the top.
I was finally there.
But I still felt sick-
My heart was bare.

I looked to the sky.
I wanted to dream.
To leave behind
The broken seams.

I couldn't find hope.
I had gone too deep.
Falling to my knees,
I started to weep.

I lay there alone.
I was dead inside.
All I'd wanted to gain
Fell down in pride.

I felt a hand.
I softened my cries.
There stood a man,
With tears in His eyes.

I watched His face.
I looked at His tears.
Then He said something
That took away my fears.

“I love you so-
Scars and all.
It has hurt so much,
To see you fall.”

“Look to Me.
No matter how you try,
You can never be perfect,
Or know every why.”

He took my hand.
We walked on His way.
The shadows were there,
But He kept them at bay.

He showed grace.
He stole my heart.
Taking my failures,
He gave a new start.

Now I am living,
No more all alone.
Brought into the light
Of mercy's throne.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers