Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Time Ago

And sometimes - that's okay.

A Time Ago

I still remember who you were
When we first met.
We were different,
You and I.
A lot younger too.

Laughter and stories built us closer -
Shared heartaches and
Whispered dreams 
Drew the threads tight.
We played with the colors;
We created worlds
Full of wonder, quests
And new found friends.
We became bright specks in the turning world -
A safe place to run
When the Outside seemed too heavy.

                               We were on different journeys
But we crossed parallel paths.
We grabbed each other by the hand
To find 
The pieces we each searched for.
We became the encouragement to share
The goals,
The hopes,
And even the bits we didn't know what to do with.
We were alive together 
And it was as if we built community
In a place no one would've thought to look
Because we saw the echoes of ourselves
In one another.

Oh, it was not without the hard times
For we did not always understand each other.
We brought together 
And shadows from our different worlds.
We caused each other tears
And sharp tones
And bitterness that drove some apart...
We were not perfect;
Not everything was easy 
As words became weapons and
Opinions became rule -
As some rose up in conviction
And some watched in dismay.
As we, in time, became very different 
From who we used to be....

But not all of that was bad,
For we grew up. 
We learned how to hold together in hard times
And we tested our bonds.
We became deeper
Even when the distance pulled us farther.
We joined hearts in prayer
And voices to bring encouragement.
There was a sense of loss
And a sense that we'd shaken things loose -
But still a certainty we'd continue on
To bring something new.
We became different...

And yet -
I'll always know who we once were.
I remember you in the wild laughter
And I see you in a myriad of letters
And little gifts
And precious conversations.
I remember you in the silly things,
And the ringing joys
And the rush of shared accomplishment.
I remember all of what was 
Like I remember the sun in the reflection of the moon.
It's so very different 
But I cherish both.

When I am with you now
I still see the shadow of what we had
But there is a blank space we're filling
With new stories,
New laughter,
New tomorrows...
Change isn't always an ending.
I don't regret 
That we're here now,
But I like to look back on the journey 
We took to get here.

I still remember who you were
When we first met.
We were different,
You and I.
A lot younger too.

~Ophelia - Marie

Friday, August 14, 2015

Will We Not Speak?

A poem inspired by:
Isaiah 5:20
20 Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,

who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those who call abortion good
and a pro-life evil,
Who put brokenness as wholeness
and destruction as "choice",
Who put life to death
and call death, "your life."
What misery we invite when we trade God's Ways
for man's wisdom
Turning away from the cries of the helpless
so that we may call our deafness, "Progress."
Searing our conscious
until nothing of horror brings us pain
and we see those little hands
as something disposable.

Woe to the nation that does not cry out,
"We have shed innocent blood!
Have mercy on us!"
Instead, we flaunt our right to choose
and hide from the truth that our heart screams -
"This is a child's life."

Stand up, people of the LORD
for those whose blood cries out.
Stand up and bear witness,
Weep, for the LORD is near at hand saying,
"I will hear your cry and come to your aide.
I will not be silent, nor will I turn a blind eye.
For I created your inmost being, 
I knit you together in your mother's womb.
I call this nation to repentance - hear me, my Beloved."

His healing comes little Christian
will you be His mouth-piece?

~Ophelia - Marie Flowers

This is the truth of abortion - this is the horror of abortion - but thank God for His Healing, and His truth, and His forgiveness through it all.