Friday, November 21, 2014

In Your Ocean

o.O It's been awhile since I've posted... Here's the most recent poem I've written. :)

*Quiet hum* These words came during a time of blessing in Worship with friends. 

In Your Ocean 

If Your love is an ocean -
Lord, drown me.
Drown me in delight,
Knock me over,
Drag me under -
Don't let me keep my footing
In my own strength -
Toss me,
Tumble me,
In Your wild waters
Until my concern to understand
Is overwhelmed
By Your presence.

Fill my lungs up with Your praises,
Until I can't breathe
Without You
Pouring from my heart -
Until Your Joy
Ripples to those in my life...

If Your love is an ocean -
Teach me to dive for the bottom
And be absorbed in the depths
Of Your glorious,

If Your love is an ocean -
I never want to come up for air,
For You are enough for me -
Truly alive in Your waves,


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