Monday, December 22, 2014

Get Ready For Mercy

Inspired by my dad's words during preaching, "Get ready for Mercy."

Get Ready For Mercy

The angels dance in the sky,
Their pure delight and adoration
Pouring through the night's once stillness.
Oh shepherds, do you hear it?
Watch what no man has ever seen
As the angelic choir sings the news of the Messiah.
Tremble with awe,
Kneeling on the dew-wet ground -
All around you they cry,
Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace to men
On whom His favor rests.
Glory, glory, glory -
God has tabernacled among us.
He has come,
He is here...
Get ready for Mercy.

There in the spotlight
As everything else fades -
The signs,
The symbols,
The sacrifices we made -
They all pointed to His coming.
As you gather your lambs
And run to find the Christ child,
Do you feel it?
There is hope.
And then
There He is:
The source of Light
We'd only seen in shadows -
The one we've been waiting for.
There He is...
A child,
Bundled in rags,
Lying in a feed trough
On this cold night...
There He is -
Oh, get ready for Mercy.

You watch Him now
Still almost surprised -
Oh, and filled with such wonder.
The littlest of your flock clambers close,
Peering at the sleeping child,
Then looking back at you as if to say,
This is all the fuss?”
He looks so unassuming -
Not a conquering hero
Ready to bring deliverance.
His parents aren't well born,
Nor do they seem even ready
To welcome a child into this world.
We were expecting
Someone high in power
And yet
There He is,
Without strength, a tiny babe,
Here to bring us Salvation.
In that moment you see it -
He is the picture of God's great Mercy.

They said God is not like us
To walk among us
And understand our weakness
And yet
There He is
In a form no one would have expected.
You are the first to greet Him...
In a way, it seems almost fitting
That shepherds would be the first to welcome
This perfect little lamb.
A lamb,
Born to live our sorrows,
To tread the dusty roads beside us
And live in human flesh.
He will walk this earth in perfection,
And honor His Father without wavering
So that we might be given

Oh shepherds, you were not fully aware that night
Of what you saw,
Only that it was more wonderful
Than you ever could have imagined....
He was closer
Than you ever would have dreamed.
Mercy came close enough to touch...
Ah, get ready for this Mercy -
His name is Jesus;
He is going to change the world.

The Night Before Christmas - Brandon Heath


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