Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Help Needed


               Hey - readers of my blog! Poetry people! Anybody reading this -

                I am starting the process to self publish again, hopefully within the next several months. This will be a book of all my poems about friendship, from when I started at about 15, to my present age of 19. I have about 70 poems with 16,421 words total at the moment.  Eighteen of them have been previously published in my other two books, but because I want to do a full friendship poetry compilation, they will be republished. 

         Would you consider reading a few poems (*even just one or two*), and giving me your opinion? (Harsh critique is welcome - I'm well aware I have a lot to learn.) I'm especially looking for any confusing vagueness, grammar errors and punctuation mistakes, as well as any comments on meter, flow, and word choices.  Every extra set of eyes is a help, no matter how much you actually have time to read.

Anyone who helps will be given extra entries to the giveaways I will be doing to promote my book. (Signed books by me, clay critters, etc.)

And you'll have my forever gratitude, but yeah, that's a given....

If you would be interested in helping me out, please let me know. :) *Points to my 'Contact Me' tab at the top of the page* Please email me.

*Deadline is October 10th for you to send critique back to me*

~Ophelia - Marie 


It always makes me smile to see that someone has been over to my little blog. Thanks for visiting! :D

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