Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Importance of Stories – For You Are A Writer

The Importance of Stories – 
For You Are A Writer 

I saw myself in your writing tonight.
I saw the parts that make me laugh
And some days I hope for.

Even if the characters are on a created world, 
Or are a made-up creation of you,
And don't ever mention history,
Or the Bible - 
In good writing,
They still matter.
They matter because they are built on real emotions.
They are built on the things that make you laugh,
The things that make you sad,
The things that you're hopeful for,
Or angry at -
Your emotions and imagination can be captured
In bits of writing...
If you let them.

I believe writing - 
Creating -
Is a way we remind each other:
“You are not alone.”
“I know what this feels like.”
“I've been here before.”
“I understand.”

I understand this laughter.
This hope,
Wonder -
I understand – 
And though you've never lived the crazy story my character has,
They are echoing true emotions
I've experienced,
Or understand from others...
In this way, they are important.
They are real.

I believe we feel connected most to writing we see ourselves in -
As who we are now
Or who we hope to be.
We write characters we want to be -
We write strengths we wish to gain -
We write broken lives that show our understanding of sorrow -
We write friendship 
And laughter
And pile it with the things that are meaningful to us,
And bits of longing -
We write life as we're seeing it today -
Or how we hope to see it tomorrow.

There will always be those who don't see themselves
When they look at your writing.
They will try to place a box in their mind 
To categorize who you are
And what you've created.
They will assume that everyone looks
And sees they way they do.
They will think
You waste your time over something 
No one cares about....
In well-meaning ways 
They will try to get you to let go
Of something that is beautiful.
Though you can respect their place in your life:
Your words are not for them.
You did not write for them.
They can not declare your words invalid 
Just because they don't understand.
You have not created to touch their heart...
Don't let that make you believe 
You can't touch anyone.

I saw myself today -
Because you wrote something real.
Perhaps it's imperfect,
But even so it is filled in reality
Of true feelings...
Your words say as a quiet echo -
“I understand.”
On the basest of levels I know you wrote well 
Simply in the fact 
I related to your words -
And I smiled.

In the end -
I'm not sure it even matters if you ever publish -
Though that would be wonderful...
What matters the most,
Is finding joy in something 
God gave you to 
God is a God who writes -
Who wrote through people,
In different styles
And voices,
And in many different books.
He gives us the gift to create 
So we can reflect Him in this way.

No matter where your words take you
When you write Truth -
True emotions,
True relationships,
True bravery,
True brokenness,
True life -
I believe God finds joy...
Because you are using a gift 
He delighted to give you.

Never be ashamed that you have 
The Talent 
The Joy
The gift
To see the world 
Never be ashamed that you see stories
Meaningful -
In ways that others don't have eyes for.
Never be ashamed that stories excite you
And you are inspired to create.
Never be ashamed that words comfort you
And allow you to express 
When you aren't sure what to say.
Never be ashamed that you find strength in creating,
Even when you doubt your own abilities.
Never be ashamed that there are times you write little -
For no matter the voices of others, 
Or your own voice you have to fight in your head:
You are a writer.

You are a person who enjoys things of beauty.
You are a person who relates to others' creations.
You are a person who sees the pieces of story 
Others would miss.
You are a person who understands what it takes
To create well
And you're trying to learn even more.

So enjoy the little things.
The beautiful things.
The stories of others that entrance you
And the stories you're trying to create.
Enjoy them,
Because God made you to do so
In this wonderful way
That allows you
To be uniquely yourself.


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