Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dance with Me

In the darkness, Jesus is there... and He wants us to trust Him enough to keep dancing, even when we can't see. He never changes. He never lets go. He loves us perfectly... Keep looking up to Him, little child.

 Dance with Me

Wait in the emptiness with quiet expectation,
For though the night presses in around you
With a silence that seems unbearable
The stars are there
If you will only look up.
Do you hear the gentle voice of the Father?

“Be still.
Be still, dear child.
I am beside you.
Here – grasp My hand.
Here I am.
Tighten your grip in the darkness;
Come dance with Me.
Let Me lead you through the steps -
Move in time with Me.
Dance to the beat of My loving heart.
I have wrapped My arms around you -

Now let us dance to the dawn.”



  1. So beautiful! And perfectly timed, I needed to hear it :) Thank you!

    1. *Hugs * Love you, Riah. I'm glad God encouraged you through this writing. <3

  2. "tighten your grip in the darkness"..hold on, but know if you're in Christ, He's holding onto you and will never let go! Praise Him!
    Love your words! :)

    1. Amen! Very true! Thank you for your comment. :D


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