Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hidden Eyes


A friend of mine showed me some writing that was all the thoughts of this poem, though much better written. *
The idea of glass eyes becoming mirrors to hide who we really are, resounded deeply in me. I spent some time thinking about it. It was described so. . . truthfully.
Most - if not all- of us have hidden parts of us away from even those closest to us. Hiding the darkness for fear that we'll let them down if they see our struggling. We let them see, but keep them from looking deeper, hoping them won't pry past the smiles and non-committal words. We each have our struggles. . . sometimes we think it'd be easier if no one saw them but ourselves.
Given a few hours on a plane and beautifully well-written word pictures dancing in my head, this poem came out.
*Shared with permission, since the ideas didn't originate with me.*
 Hidden Eyes 9/17/12
My eyes are deep inquiring pools-
Windows to my heart.
Look within to touch the jewels-
The questions they impart.
My eyes are searching into thine-
The flicker of your soul.
Looking in to see you shine-
The beauty of your goal.
I wonder then if you can see
The frailties that I hold.
Secretly reviling me
In your eyes still glinting bold.
So silver flecks invade my eyes
They mirror where I look.
Safely covering my cries,
No longer an open book.
Soon I've hidden all away-
My mirrors shining bright.
I let you think my life is day
While I'm trapped within the night.
I manage to keep the mirrors up-
Pretending they aren't there.
But like a drained and empty cup,
I long to know you care.
In my mirrors form a crack,
No longer can I hide.
Too afraid of going back,
Uncertainties of pain and pride.
I wish to look upon your face,
But you cannot know.
I fear the darkness of disgrace,
A wounding pitying blow.
And so my head I will not raise,
Not wanting you to find
The real me behind the gaze
And the truth I try to hide.
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Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers


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