Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fighting In The Light


         This poem was inspired by the Christian fantasy book series Legends Of The Guardian-King by Karen Hancock.
 Fighting In The Light 9/3/12

A Light within me is burning,
This Fire in my heart.
It's calling me to shine out,
To force back enemy darts.

I walk through paths of mercy,
Full fierce in the glow.
I'm certain of the steps,
The knowledge He is so.
Yet deep somewhere inside me,
A shadow dormant lies.
It rises to the surface,
God's mercy it belies.
It shows to me my failures,
Reminds of blood-guilt's stain.
The Light within me darkens
Forgotten in my pain.
A wall stands hard and blackened,
Reaching up beyond my sight.
Made of my misgivings
It keeps me from the Light.
Left struggling in my anguish,
My joy and peace, here bound.
Mocking voices striking
As I writhe upon the ground.
The whisper of my Sovereign-
A call to bear the Light.
He's calling me to follow,
To stand ablaze and fight.
But still, though I can hear Him,
The darkness blackly leers.
Rippling through my soul,
Vengefully stoking fears.
Then pitifully I call Him,
Beg for this to cease.
Mightily He answers,
Light rekindled calls release.
I stand alive in conquest,
Awakened to His call,
Facing down the darkness,
Tearing down the wall.
What I thought was as a mountain,
Was an illusion of the mind.
My forgiven fears and failures,
Stirred up to make me blind.
His light within me growing,
Strengthened more by trials fought,
Now striding forth in trust,
Wiser by the lesson taught.
Still deep down inside me,
Waits the shadow of my past.
Never fully conquered
While on the earth I last.
And though I fight this battle,
The Light, it wraps a shield.
Walking into battle,
I fully need to yield.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

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