Friday, March 2, 2012

The Picture Of Love

I watched The Passion for the first time last Sunday. Have any of you seen it?  It was not an easy movie to watch.

 The Picture of Love

I thought I knew
What Your love
Looked like,
As I stared at the beautiful picture
Of a perfect cross,
Highlighted by glowing sunset colors.
I knew the story and
Foolishly thought I had seen
The extent of that power,
The beauty of the cost,
The wonder of that sacrifice. . .
But I was
So very wrong.

The beautiful picture of love
You chose to paint
Gets lost from my view.
It does not tear my heart
Or cause me to weep
Or remind me to praise.
I look at the pretty sunset picture
That only pricks my heart,
Instead of the
Dying form
Of the One
Who took my place.

The horror of Your agony
Should drive me
To my knees.
The pain of what You endured
For me
Should break my heart every time
I hear it.
The picture of Your death
Isn't a perfect cross with a colored sunset sky.
The picture of Your death is
You stumbling
Under the weight of the cross
As blood stained the sand.
The picture of Your death is
The crowds jeering
As You hung there,
Hearing Your mother cry.
The picture of Your death is
Your blood pouring down
And your anguished cries as You
For me.
A broken, retched sinner:
Your enemy.

The beauty of that love
Should fill me
With gratitude.
The wonder of such a love
Should shake me to my very core.
You love me
With a love I can not
Ever comprehend
Or fully express.
That love kept You
Hanging there,
When You could have called
And been released.
That love painted a picture
That fairly screams,
“I love You this much!
Enough to be
Beaten and
That is My love for you.”

Please Lord,
Don't let me look away
From what You did
For me.
Break my heart
And make me ache
When I think of You.
Oh please
Remind me of the
True picture
Of Your love
Painted in
Your innocent


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers

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