Thursday, March 15, 2012

Learning To Swim

 Learning To Swim  2/23/12

I tell You I'm drowning
And no one can see it.
The waves of the future
Loom up ahead.
The rush of the past
Leaves me spinning.
I feel the tide pulling me away
And I cry out,
“Please don't leave me!”
You stretch out Your hands
And remind me,
I am here in front of you,
I won't let you drown.”

When everyone else thinks
I am going strong,
It is completely You
Keeping me afloat.
When I think I can't fight another current
Or paddle a moment longer
You take me
Over the crest of the wave,
And tell me to look back.
There I see
Places I have been,
Though some of it is hidden in murky shadows.
Then I see
That You've always been there,
Even when I
Lost sight of You
In the waves.

Now the water feels calm
But I know
It's not going to last.
The waves of life will come
Yet now I know
I have nothing to fear.
You are teaching me
How to swim
Next to You.


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers


  1. Wow. This is beautiful. I especially love the first verse... there are often times I feel like I'm drowning, and I'm thankful to have a Savior who walks on water.

    Also, this part: When everyone else thinks/I am going strong/it is completely You/Keeping me afloat.

    I relate to that so much. People often tell me, "you're so strong." If they only knew how often I hide my tears with a smile.

    Thank you for sharing this, it's just what I needed to read today :)

  2. "Thank you for sharing this, it's just what I needed to read today. :) "
    You're welcome, I'm glad God used it.

    To God be the glory,



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