Monday, November 9, 2015

If He Loved The Broken

The Garden of Gethsemane - taken by a friend when she was in Israel.

If He Loved The Broken 

If Jesus knew your story,
Do you think that He would care?
Did you know that He is watching?
He's seen the pain within your stare.

If He could heal a leper,
And cast a demon to its knees,
Then He cares about the broken.
He hears His children's pleas.

If He could calm the ocean,
And bring dead men from the grave,
Then He has the power to rescue;
He has the strength to save.

If He could feed the thousands,
And change water into wine,
Then He can change what's little,
And fulfill every need of mine.

If He prayed for His disciples,
Though they all would run away,
All Heaven cries this echo,
“Lord, free Your child today!”

If He trod the path of sorrow,
And heard His friends all weep,
Then He knows the pain of loving
And the knife that cuts so deep.

If He loved the man beside Him -
A criminal left to die -
Then I know He holds forgiveness,
Though I stumble and I cry.

If He had the will to suffer,
Enduring every lash and scorn,
Then I pray that He'll remind us,
He loves us though we're torn.


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