Saturday, June 6, 2015

What Will Heaven Be?

Inspired by:

What Will Heaven Be?

I see
The sunsets on the ocean,
The purple hyacinths in the garden,
The warm summer breeze rustling through the trees -
And I remember 
They are pale reflections of what I know is ahead.
Again I am left wondering
What will Heaven be like?

So I ask -

Ah, Lord.
What will Heaven be?
Will there be snowy mountain peaks
Drifting down into peaceful valleys?
Will I finally truly appreciate
The immensity of Your creation?
Will I enjoy the climb without the danger,
Or the snow-caps without freezing?
Will it cry to me to worship
As this Earth's creation echoes to me now?

He smiles down at me,
Oh dear child
Heaven will be more than that.

And again I ask.

Ah, Lord.
What will Heaven be?
Will there be vast oceans
Stretching out beyond what even my new eyes can see?
Will I play in the water 
And listen to You laugh with me?
Will I dive deep without needing to come up
Or play with creatures that now pose no harm?
Will the waves keep time with the song of praise,
And remind me again of Your power
As they remind me even now?

He answers with a gentle touch,
Oh dear child.
Heaven will be more than that.
And again I ask.

Ah, Lord.
What will Heaven be?
Will there be fields of wild flowers
Blanketed overhead with rainbows?
Will I see all the hues
My frail human eyes are missing now?
Will the vivid rainbows remind me
That You have fulfilled all Your promises,
As they remind me here, as I wait?

He pauses a moment,
Then Spreads His arms open wide.

Oh dear child -
Heaven is more than you can compare.
It is all My beauty and joy
Pouring forth forever and ever.
It is all My kindness
And creative passion
Filling every corner of all you see.
It is brimming with My Love and My Glory -
A place where you are wholly with Me.
That is what Heaven shall be.


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  1. So honoured my board inspired you, Mirza! Love this, especially the line, "heaven is more than you can compare".


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