Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lullaby Rest

This is a poem I wrote for a short story. The first verse was for a short story and then I wrote the rest of it for a friend.

You can read the short story here: Dreamer

Lullaby Rest

Rest, little one,
Quiet your cries.
Listen to the sound
Of gentle lullabies.
Tomorrow is coming
So lay down your fears.
May the light of the dawning,
Dry all of your tears.

Dark is the night,
Hidden away
Wishing for dawn,
In the midst of the day.
For life is a mystery,
Of things never known.
Of tangled history
Elusive and windblown.

Yet, here I will stay,
Close near you now.
Though deep are the shadows,
That may cast you down.
Love growing stronger,
For you, friend of mine.
I will stand by you,
A small light to shine.


Copyright © 2013 Ophelia M. Flowers

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