Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Music's Dance

Music's Dance
Dance around, let the music patter.
Feel the rain falling down, down, down.
Move, dear friend, let the rhythm steal you,
Past the thoughts hiding in your frown.
Dive beneath, let the music ripple.
Feel the waves lapping near, near, near.
Swim, dear friend, let the current reach you,
Strike down deep to the sound so clear.
Smile alone, let the music whisper.
Feel the sun shining bright, bright, bright.
Run, dear friend, let the warmth release you,
Leap and twirl through the dawn's first light.
Sing again, let the music shimmer.
Feel the wind blowing 'round, 'round, 'round.
Laugh, dear friend, let the music take you
To the dreams drifting toward the ground.
Shout aloud, let the music gather.
Feel the sound growing strong, strong, strong.
Sway, dear friend, let the music fill you,
Hold the joy finding you belong.
Just believe, let the music shatter.
Feel the shards as they sting, sting, sting.
Live, dear friend, let the music prick you
In your heart where your voice takes wing.
Look inside, let the music wander.
Feel the tune twisting out, out, out.
Reach, dear friend, let the music stretch you
Past the coils in your sea of doubt.
Splash within, let the music color.
Feel the song rising high, high, high.
Sit, dear friend, let the music touch you
Deep inside where your heart now flies.

Copyright © 2013 Ophelia M. Flowers

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