Thursday, April 11, 2013


This poem was inspired by a post on my friend, Jeremiah's blog.
I encourage you to go check it out:

Precious little flowers,
Delicate and small,
Show to me the beauty
Of God who made them all.
Stems gently swaying,
Turning to the sun.
The morning dawn is breaking,
A new day has begun.
Buds now slowly open,
Bright with colors flair.
The flowers remind me,
Of my Lord's tender care.
Soft and fragile petals,
Covered in the dew.
Whispers of the morning,
As the day begins anew.
Why this variation
To every pretty one?
I see God's handiwork
In the artwork He has done.
I look on with wonder
At the beauty they display.
In them I see God's glory,
And His creative way.
So look to the flowers.
See the lesson that they give.
God takes care in little things
And in all the things that live.

Copyright © 2013 Ophelia M. Flowers


  1. ZA linkeded to my blog. O.O ^_^ :dieshappy: Thanketh. ^_^
    And I still love this poem, just so you know my mind hasn't changed about it since I last told you..

    1. Yesh. ^_^ It has a big part to do with this poem.

      *Grins* Thank you, Jeremiah.


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