Monday, February 4, 2013

Within The Ache

Within The Ache 2/4/13

Silence darkly leering,
Black beneath the pain.
Hope is in tomorrow,
But I can't see past the rain.

Blackness sharply doubting,
Stabs into the ache.
You are ever reaching,
But I can't see past the fake.

Fearsome deathly slashing,
Red as killer's blade.
I try to ward the monster,
But the fire will not fade.

Twisted single sorrow,
Small as written line.
I feel my heart is breaking,
But I trust that You are mine.

Whispers hurtful calling,
Cold within the air.
I can't see past the darkness,
But I know that You are there.

Quiet steady roaring,
Blood beneath the knife.
Things feel so uncertain,
But I trust You hold my life.
Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers


  1. :O Wow, Za, that paints such vivid pictures!

    1. :) I kinda sat there and thought of, well, sad life things and tried to put it into words.*Smiles* It turned out rather well and helped me organize some of my thoughts.

      Thank you for commenting! :D


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