Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Don't Want To Grow Up

 I Don't Want To Grow Up

I don't want to grow up on the inside -
Not ever.

I don't want to stop dreaming
Because I care so much what others think
And I must follow them.
I don't want to push my dreams into a corner
And strive for level ground
Because that's what some are doing.
I don't want to leave my goals
To die in the dust
Just because the world won't support them.
I don't want to grow out of dreaming -
High, bright, full of wonder -
The type of dreaming that makes my heart soar,
Wrapped in the knowledge
God is guiding me.

I don't want to stop caring
Because I've put everyone in categorized bubbles
And they don't matter anymore.
I don't want to see someone crying
And hurry away
Because I don't have time.
I don't want to look at people
And only wonder what they'll give me,
How they'll help me forward,
And if they are worth my time.
I don't want to grow out of caring-
Deeply, truly caring -
The type of caring that makes me cry
Though I don't know their name,
Or fully understand their hurt.

I don't want to stop playing
Because there are better things to do
And they must come first.
I don't want to despise twirling in the thunder storm
And stop marveling
In the beauty of the lightening that flashes across the sky.
I don't want to grow out of laughing -
Genuinely, fully, without thought of those around -
The type of laughing that others don't have to understand
But secretly wish they weren't afraid
To share in too.

I don't want to stop hoping
Because all I see is the practical side of it
And everything is black or white.
I don't want to stand so solidly in my ways
That all others are wrong
Since I am so right.
I don't want to grow out of hoping -
Trusting, watching, believing that God has good things ahead -
The type of hoping that buoys my soul
Into leaping to actions of faith
And grasping God's promises.

I don't want to stop living with wonder
Because I let it be drained away
And life is now only routine.
I don't want to release these bits of life
In favor of being mature
And unknowingly become cynical.
I don't want to grow out of looking in wonder -
Dancing, knowing, touching the gloriousness of being alive -
The type of wonderment that makes me treasure moments,
Holding fast to the knowledge,
That life is beautiful in Christ.

I don't want to grow up on the inside -
Not ever.


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  1. Oh my goodness Za dear, that is beautiful! :)

    1. :D Thank you Milly. *Is glad you like it* Of all the things I've written, this is one my my overall favorites.



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