Sunday, May 13, 2012

My All

           Yesterday started out really good, but by the end of it I was crying with homesickness. As I looked back over the poem I wrote yesterday morning, God remind me that what I wrote when I was filled with joy didn't change just because I was sad.

           He is my joy, peace, strength, love, and hope- my everything- every single day, no matter what I may face in this life.

 My All 5/12/12

All of my joy,
Is in You.
All of my songs,
They come from You.
When my heart
Fills until it sings-
It's Your joy
That makes me smile

All of my peace
Is in You.
All of my trust,
It comes from You.
When I drop
To my knees-
It's Your peace
That makes me rest

All of my strength,
Is in You.
All of my steps,
Are following You.
When I start
To bend to the ground-
It's Your power
That makes me stand

All of my love,
Is from You.
All of my heart,
Belongs to You.
When I reach,
Until I cry-
It's Your love 
That makes me give

All of my hope
Is in You.
All of my dreams,
Are resting on You.
When I question,
What's coming for me-
It's Your hope
That makes me dream

All of me
Is in You.
Everything I am
Is because of You.
When I seek
With all my heart-
It is You
That makes me live


Copyright © 2012 Ophelia M. Flowers


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