Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dreaming With Trust


I've been talking with God about big things lately... Specific plans and hopes - Things that are rather big to wrap my mind around... He's been answering little prayers and fitting plans together, and reminding me that He hears. 

I hear you when you hope to go to a concert and worship with friends.
I can give you that day.
I hear you when you ask for work replacements - all three of them.
I can give you those people.
I hear you when you ask for a friend to email you encouragement today.
I can give you that reminder of hope.
I hear you when you ask for peace at work, after a hard day the day before.
I can give you rest.

Then He gave me something bigger to ask for... I don't know if the answer is going to be, "No" or, "Wait", but I find myself hopeful beyond normal practicality... 
Wherever I go, whatever I do, God is actively living in me. 
No dreams are too big for Him. 
So I wait, and I watch, and I pray, and I laugh -
Life is daunting
But God is watching out for me.

Dreaming With Trust 

I want to dream wild things -
Things so big that for a moment

I stop breathing

In shock at the enormity of my hope.
I want to pray for crazy requests
That seem almost too big to ask for.
I want to open my mouth wide to be filled;
Open my hands to receive great blessings.
I want to believe that God has my days planned
Therefore running full tilt towards Him is the safest I'll ever be.
I want to live like I truly believe
My life in Christ makes a difference. 


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