Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boardwalk Witnessing

I'm working with the ministry of the Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood New Jersey this summer. I'm learning so much and love being here. ^_^
This poem is a bit about what it's like to go out witnessing on the boardwalk. :)

Boardwalk Witnessing 
Lights are flashing,
People laughing,
Hear the call of, “Come and buy!”
Music blaring,
People caring
For things that cannot satisfy.
Watch them playing,
Hear them saying,
“Come along and join the fun!”
Tram cars rumbling,
Drunk ones stumbling,
Vacant stares that say, 'I'm done.'
We sit praying
That hearts are swaying -
That God's Spirit goes forth to call.
We are nothing
But God is loving;
He uses us, though we are small.
We start sharing,
God's love caring,
And try to tell about His grace.
Some will listen,
Others reject it,
And say, “You're crazy,” to our face.
We keep on trying
Though most are lying,
With the words, “I'm about to go.”
Seeing them after
Full of laughter,
And feel the pain that they don't Know.
Some say, “I'm trying,
But God dying -
That is something I don't believe.”
So we show them
What is broken;
Some will listen – others leave.
We keep walking,
Stopping, talking -
Asking them, “Why are you here?
What's your purpose?
What makes life worth it?
How do you know which way is clear?”
Some will listen,
Shocked eyes glisten,
As we tell what God has done.
They may be running
But God is coming,
And He sent to us His Son.
We're encouraged knowing,
God is showing,
His love to many lost.
Some are spurning,
But we are yearning,
To share, “He paid the cost.”

God is leading,
Sinners bleeding,
To His arms that hold and heal.
We are crying
To the broken, dying,
“Listen... God is real.”

Copyright © 2013 Ophelia M. Flowers

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