Monday, August 27, 2012


Remember 8/13/12

All I want to do is remember-
But not just remember-
Remember and learn.

I long to
Remember to laugh
To smile and to
Love. . .
Remember my triumphs,
Dreams and
My jobs well done.
I want to remember
The beauty of the hope
That lives in me.

But right now I am remembering
Other things. . .
My failures,
Selfishness and
I'm remembering
All the times I've fallen
Because I looked away from
My hope.

Two voices call to me to remember,
And the one reminding me of my shortcomings
Grows louder and louder.

I'm broken.
My best efforts only scratch the surface.
What in the world do I think I'm worth
When this is all I have to offer?
Are my passions for Him,
Or for myself
And the praise of man?
This is what I remember,
And I'm breaking.

Then. . .

The voice of Him who loves me grows stronger.
He drowns out the other voice and calls me to remember.
Yes, it's true I've fallen,
I've been a stubborn fool,
If someone counted the times I've not listened,
I'd duck my head
In shame.
But I'm not perfect,
And that's the point.
I'm forgiven-
Still learning to walk and lean on God.

So here I am remembering,
Who I was,
Who I am,
And who I one day dream of being.
My life can't be picture perfect,
In fact it probably looks more like modern art-
The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The Beholder is my King;
He sees me as I am,
And calls me to remember
To draw closer to Him.

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