Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clay Animals. . .

I didn't have much to do today, so I was looking through things in my closet. I found some of my crafts in a box, and decided to take pictures of them.

   These are clay animals I made and painted over the last few years. They don't have anything to do with writing, but oh well. ;)

These are the littlest ones I've ever made.

I used to spend hours making these, then even more hours painting them. They had to be perfect - or as perfect as I could make them.
He's got a sword! And it can come in and out!

  I got the idea for these from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. They were always having feasts, so I made a large assortment of food.

Don't worry, the teeny tiny pieces are glued to the plates. . . I did individually paint each bit of food though.
More food. . .

Mice. . .

Badgers. . .

Wolves. . . (I don't think there were any wolves in Redwall, but I made these anyway.


Otters. . . (I made them first, so I have more of them than any other creature.)

Moles. . .

Hedgehogs. . .

Hares. . . (The big one didn't turn out. :P )

This is a group shot of the small ones. :)

So there they all are . . .Minus all the ones I've made and given away. ;)



  1. Those are really good. I like clay animals. :D

    I recognized a Redwall feast before I even read the text above it. ;)

    My favorites are the badgers. :)

    1. Thanks, Jonathan. I really enjoyed making them, and I'm happy other people like them too.

      :) Grace told me you like badgers. I think my favorites are the wolves, but the squirrels are a very close second.


  2. Oh my goodness, those are awesome!! I love the Redwall stuffage! :D

  3. They're cute. You did such a good job. I've never had success with clay :)

    1. Thank you, Ena. :D Clay is the one arts-n-crafty thing I do that turns out on a regular basis. ;)

  4. *gasps * Oh Za!!! I love Redwall!!! These are incredible!!! I am just stunned. Truly. I messed around with clay, once upon a time, but this--

    Would you, by chase, be willing to sell me a Redwall set? *begs *


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